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Questions and answers

$28 per day and is now all valet.

I called previously, and was given the general manager email. That's the only one they'll give out, at least to me and I was leaving good comments.

Hi Anna, thank you for the question! Those floors are from the 7th to the 12th. To further clarify, there is no real difference inside the room itself other than floor number. Thanks again!

Small ones with no mini bar.

Unfortunately there's no complimentary valet parking

Thanks for the question! The view room guarantees you on a higher floor (from 7 and above). There is no real difference in the room itself, just the floor level. I hope that answers the question, and thank you again for the inquiry!

That might have been type-o. Yes,we generally only hold packages for up to 30 days total (that's before or after arrival). Just make sure the name on the package matches a name on the reservation so we can properly note it, etc. Thanks!

Hi Victor! No, we currently do NOT charge to receive and hold packages. Please know we only hold packages for 30 days before returning to sender and just make sure the name on the package matches the name on the reservation. Thanks for the question! Riley Wood, Director of Rooms

Though we are reasonably close to the airport, we unfortunately do not have an airport shuttle (we're outside of the "zone" that can legally have one). As Marcos mentioned, we're less than $20 taxi ride from the airport and even more economical via Uber or Lyft. Thanks for the question!

You can call to get one by department